Diem Rabbitry

We are a rabbit breeder based in Seaside, Oregon raising quality White, Black, and Broken Black New Zealand rabbits for meat and show. We select does and bucks for conformation according to the ARBA standard of perfection and place further emphasis on animals that gain weight quickly and efficiently with gentle temperaments. We also select for does that produce large litters and have good survival rates. 


ARBA Registered – Rabbitry Number: D5753


SCF Bella
Broken Black Sr. Doe – DOB 2/04/16

Posing is not her favorite and she was still raising a litter, so excuse the flab!
Great height and width on this doe. Nice symmetrical markings. Amazing mom to boot!

Diem’s Rio
White Int. Doe – DOB 7/21/16

Huge doe, great height and width in her hindquarters. Very competitive on the tables!
Rio at 8 weeks old, knew she would stay at this point!

Birdsong’s Blossom
Broken Black Jr. Doe- DOB 11/9/16

BOSV at Astoria! Very promising little doe, can’t wait to see how she grows.



None at the moment! In search of a couple great black bucks.



  • Bella kindled on Valentine’s Day (2/14/17)! Five fat babies, seem to be various steels and broken steels, so not showable, but they do carry black and white. Getting them used to being handled a lot. Will be ready to go home in April, email if you’re interested. Room on waiting list for bucks only.


  • For Sale: Diem’s Gunther. DOB 7/21/16. A nice big boy, has placed well on the show table despite his apparent early peak in this picture (another unwilling-to-pose boy), judges like his quality of coat and height to his rise. $25


Shows we are currently considering attending include:
1/28/17 Frozen Friends in St. Helens, OR
2/18/17 and 2/19/17 LCRBA in Astoria, OR
4/22/17 Bunnies & Blossoms in Hoo
d River, OR
5/20/17 Crazy 8 in Canby, OR
5/27/17 Rose City Rabbit Fanciers in Portland, OR
8/31/17 Oregon State Fair in Salem, OR
10/21/17 Tri-County RBA in Albany, OR
11/4/17 Crazy 8 in McMinville, OR

Shows that are bolded are those in which we will be competing.

As a proud 4-H alum, I would like to extend a discount to 4-Her’s obtaining animal projects. I would also like to make myself available to any groups or clubs in the area interested in getting assistance with rabbit projects and practice showmanship. Please contact me to discuss details. 

Updated: 3/20/17