We have six Barred Rocks and nine Novogen hens that make up our egg-laying crew here on the farm. We’ve entrusted Fergus, our Australorp rooster, as official body guard.

Our birds are very special to us, and we try to give them plenty of safe space to roam, nutritious daily food enrichment, areas for dust bathing, perching, and foraging, and a unique landscape to explore.

During out most recent heat wave, the birds got some yummy treats including frozen blueberries and cheerios.
We have a few way to entertain our flock, including bottles with holes, filled with sunflower seeds and other goodies.









Chicken eggs are $4 per dozen. Arrange for pick up in the Seaside, Hillsboro, or Beaverton areas.

Chicks will be available in 2018.

Please check back for updates!


Updated: 10/1/17