Diem Rabbitry

Based in Seaside, Oregon we raise quality White, Black, Blue, and Broken New Zealand rabbits for meat and show. We select does and bucks for conformation according to the ARBA standard of perfection. We place further emphasis on animals that gain weight quickly and efficiently, does that raise large litters, and animals with gentle temperaments. 
ARBA Member and Registered Rabbitry 


SCF Bella
Broken Black Sr. Doe – DOB 2/04/16

Bella is the matriarch of the barn. Big girl with a sweet temperament, great mothering skills, and excellent width to her hindquarters, carries blue.

Diem’s Rio
White Sr. Doe – DOB 7/21/16 – 1 leg

Huge doe, height and width in her hindquarters to spare, nice mellow temperament.

Birdsong’s Blossom
Broken Black Sr. Doe- DOB 11/9/16 – 1 leg

BOB Canby 2017! Lovely type and crazy for sunflower seeds.


Birdsong’s Santolina
Black Int. Buck- DOB 1/20/17 –  1 leg

Santolina won BOV or BOSV at almost every show he went to. Nice strong shoulders and well balanced over-all, he’s also a blue carrier and a snuggler.

Diem’s Wilson
Black Jr. Buck- DOB 6/21/17

Wilson is a nice, mild-mannered buck out of Rio. Hoping to get him to some shows this fall.

Bonnie’s BGP10 “Grinch”
Black Jr. Buck- DOB 7/5/17

We’re still working on posing correctly… Grinch, despite the name, is super sweet and curious.

Still trying to pick who to keep out of these lovely ladies…
Diem’s Bee, black doe, DOB 7/18/17
Diem’s Black Eyed Susan, broken black doe, DOB 7/18/17
Diem’s Buttercup, black doe, DOB 7/18/17



  • Bella (x Pyrus) kindled 9/18, five blacks and three brokens.
  • Rio (x Santolina) due around September 23rd, expecting blacks and possibly blues.


11/4/17 Crazy 8 in McMinville, OR
2/17/18 LCRBA in Astoria, OR
4/21/18 MHRBA in Stevenson, WA


2/18/17 and 2/19/17 LCRBA in Astoria, OR (Blossom BOSV)
4/22/17 Bunnies & Blossoms in Hood River, OR (Santolina BOSV and Rio got her first leg!)
5/20/17 Crazy 8’s in Canby, OR (Santolina BOV, and Blossom got her first leg with a BOB!)
6/10/17 LCRBA in Astoria, OR (Santolina got his first leg with a BOV!)

Blossom won Best of Breed at Canby 2017!


As a proud 4-H alum, I would like to extend a discount to 4-Her’s obtaining animal projects. I would also like to make myself available to any groups or clubs in the area interested in getting assistance with rabbit projects and practice showmanship. Please contact me to discuss details or for any questions you may have. 


Updated 9/24/17