Hello, and welcome to Diem Farms!

My name is Kaya Diem and I’ve always had a fascination with taking care of animals. It was not a trait that my parents had or even necessarily understood, but they fostered this innate love of mine by providing me opportunities to have different pets and eventually got me involved in the wonderous program of 4-H. I raised and showed rabbits, poultry and waterfowl, and sheep for about four years before I graduated early from high school.

Silver-laced Wyandotte hens
My collegiate Silver-laced Wyandotte hens, doin’ chicken business

As I grew up and moved to college, this love for animals was joined with a new-found enjoyment of gardening and raising my own food. I experimented with starting seeds, growing heirloom vegetables, and learning everything I could about backyard farming and agriculture. I soon discovered that my passions were all fundamentals of homesteading.

Thinned lettuce for a light salad
Thinned lettuce for a light salad

I received my degree in Animal Sciences with a minor in Psychology from Oregon State University in 2014.

While my boyfriend at the time (now husband!) was finishing his last term, I worked on a sizable organic farm and learned an incredible amount about farming on a scale bigger than my backyard. I also learned valuable lessons like how to plant garlic, save seeds, and dry beans.

Packing various organic squashes
Packing various organic squashes (in a very bright greenhouse)

After graduation we got an apartment in the city (Portland, OR), got jobs, and got married. While city life is certainly exciting, the country life is just in our blood and we craved to get a piece of land and a house of our own. In summer of 2016 that dream became a reality when we purchased our first home on about 5 acres.

The homestead has changed a lot just in the year we’ve had it, this photo from 2016 was before our garden and chicken coop were put in. We did have time to hang the badminton net though…
Taken in fall of 2017, you can see we’ve come a long way in a year!

This website is a way to capture our successes and failures at becoming self-sufficient and other endeavors we pursue along the way.

April showers bring May flowers, which on our farm turn into July blueberries…

My goal is to create a variety of posts on different topics such as beginning a homestead, animal husbandry, gardening, DIY projects, woodworking, life stories, and other tips we learn as we go. I am by no means a professional, but at the very least I hope to provide some food for thought and entertainment for your day. Thank you for joining us!

Me on the orange mower with our free Craigslist cockerel, Bucky.